Extech DV690 Non-contact High Voltage Detector (69 kV)

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Quick Overview:

Detect dangerous high voltage at a safe distance

The DV690 is a rugged and reliable voltage detector that can quickly and safely detect up to 69 kV in high-voltage (HV) electrical systems. This non-contact, industrial-grade tool provides an extra layer of protection for anyone who works around HV electrical systems including electric power utility, storm restoration, telecommunications, and public safety professionals. Audible and visual alarms notify users of dangerous voltage presence, helping them maintain a safe distance in hazardous locations. Plus, five flexible mounting options make it easy to operate the device to get the job done efficiently.

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Extech DV690: Non-contact High Voltage Detector (69 kV)

Extech DV690 Non-contact High Voltage Detector (69 kV)

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