ASLD2200 Sludge Blanket Monitor

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Quick Overview:

Continuous Sludge Blanket Level Monitoring – Infrared Sensor

The ASLD2200 is a fully automatic sludge blanket level detector designed for the water and waste water industry. It utilises a servo-driven sensor which continually tracks the settled interface with the sensor at the very top of the interface zone.

Continuous monitoring of the sludge/water interface or sludge blanket is central to the efficient operation of clarifiers, thickeners and settlement tanks. Reliable measurement enables a control system to maintain the optimum depth of sludge in the tank. A sludge interface that is too high can result in pollution incidents caused by carry-over from a final settlement tank. The sludge can also become too thick to extract easily or can turn septic if left too long. If there is insufficient sludge in the tank the settlement process cannot operate correctly and the solids will tend to remain in suspension.

Our infrared sensors are ideally suited to monitoring the sludge/water interface even when the settlement process is not working effectively and the interface has become indistinct.

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General Specification

Dimensions (hxwxd) 490 x 350 x 300 mm
Weight 15 kg
Protection Class IP55 Outer Enclosure with IP65 electronics housing
Enclosure Material GRP Outer Enclosure with Polycarbonate inner
Cable Entry 3x M20
Cable Core Size Max Conductor Size 2.5 mm²
Power Supply 85 to 264 VAC 47-65 Hz
Power Rating 25W
Environmental Data  
Operating/Storage Temperature 0 to 50ºC
Location Indoor/Outdoor
User Interface  
Display 3 Digit, 7 Segment LED Display of 0-100%
Setup Potentiometer and Push Buttons on main PCBA
Units of Measurement %age Depth
Output Signals  
Analogue Output 4-20 mA, max load 500 ohm
Relays 1, set at 0 and 100% and is not adjustable
Contacts Contact Closure, 0.55 A @ 100VDC
Local Annuication 6 LED's on main PCBA

0:15 / 3:03 ASLD2200 Commissioning Guide - Partech Instruments

ASLD2200 Sludge Blanket Monitor

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