Touch Screen Blood Collection Mixer, 302000 (100-240 VAC)

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The Boekel Scientific Blood Collection Mixer, also known as a blood collection scale, or blood scale, has an easily viewable, bright color touch screen that displays the collection data in real time. The most important collection details such as current volume, target volume, percent full, elapsed collection time and estimated time remaining are displayed during operation. The unit also has a large active pictorial that visually represents the blood collection bag, so phlebotomist can observe the progress from a distance while tending to other donors. The blood collection mixer also has a highly accurate scale, removable long-life battery pack, USB and Ethernet data ports. The system has an integrated handle, removable magnetically attached mixing tray, and a lightweight robust design for easy relocation at mobile donor centers. The system alarms include low flow warning, end of cycle and low battery. Have any questions? Click here to contact us.
  • Displays Current Volume, Percentage Full, Elapsed Time, and Estimated Time Remaining
  • Vivid Color Touch Screen That Can Easily Be Viewed From Across The Room
  • Integrated Lifting Handle and Magnetically Attached Mixing Tray
  • Long-Life Interchangeable Battery
  • USB and Ethernet Data Ports
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Two-year Warranty
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Item Description
Touch Screen Blood Collection Mixer 302000
Bag Capacity Settings Default Volume Setting:450ml,
Adjustable Preset Volumes: 400ml, 450ml, 500ml, 550ml.
Clamping Mechanism Centrally Located
Tray Type Easy On/Off magnetically attached with multiple tubing guides
Scale Performance High Accuracy Load Cell +/- 1.0 gram with User Friendly Calibration
Mixing Action 3 cycles of +/- 12 degree rocking | Off for 2 second | Repeat
Data Collection Ethernet and USB data export available
Display Type Bright Vivid Color Touch Screen
Alarms Low Flow, Scale Alarm, Motor Alarm, End of Cycle, Battery Alarm
Outer Dimensions W 11.00” x D 15.96” x H 7.00”
Materials of Construction Exterior - UV Resistant Plastic
Mixing Tray – UV Resistant Plastic
Weight 11.00 lbs
Power 18V, 1.67A via 100-240V – 50/60Hz
0.8A AC Power Supply
Battery 3,500 mAh Long-Life Ni MH Battery
Electrical, and Regulatory UL, CE, and CSA | Medical Device

Blood Collection Mixer, Boekel Scientific, PN#:302000

Touch Screen Blood Collection Mixer, 302000 (100-240 VAC)

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