Shake 'N Bake Rocking Hybridization Oven / Incubator, 136400

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The Boekel Scientific Shake 'N Bake™ Hybridization Oven gets your lab rocking. With independent temperature and rocking control, three removable shelves and a small benchtop footprint, this hybridization oven is your team's rock star.

Scientists who prefer the shake 'n bake method of hybridizing cell cultures in dishes, plates, trays or sealed bags will love this unit, which incubates with or without rocking motion. Two-year warranty included.


  • Gentle rocking motion is perfect for washes, incubation, and hybridization
  • Small footprint saves bench space
  • Three removable shelves, each capable of holding blots up to 20cm x 20cm
  • Gasket sealed see through door
  • PID controller for easy temperature selection and stability
  • Adjustable rocking speed from 8 to 25 strokes per minute
  • Supplied with two removable shelves. Please note: Total maximum shelf load is 1 kg (2.2 lb.)
  • 2 year warranty


  • Hybridization and wash procedures for scientists that prefer to use heat sealed bags, plate or dishes/trays
  • Conventional incubations with or without rocking motion
  • Cell culture in bags
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Catalog Number: 136400, 136400-2
Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C
to 70°C
Stability: Chamber: ± 0.1ºC at 65ºC
Rocking Speed: 8 to 25 strokes/min
Max Shelf Load: 1kg (2.2lbs)
Tilt Angle: 5.5º to 11º
Product Dimensions: Exterior: 32cm (12.5'') 37cm (14.5'') 41cm (16'')
Interior: 29cm (11.5'') 29cm (11.5'') 27cm (10.5'')
Tray: 22cm (8.5'') 20cm (8'') 1.3cm (0.5'')
Shipping Weight: 12.6kg (28lbs.)
Electrical: 136400 - 115 VAC (60Hz)
136400-2 - 230 VAC (50Hz); CE Marked*
*230V units are supplied with continental European plug

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Shake 'N Bake Rocking Hybridization Oven / Incubator, 136400

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