Boekel Scientific GEN2 CO2 Incubator, 155000, 4 Cuft (115V/230V)

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The Boekel Scientific GEN2 CO2 Incubator shakes up your stationary, spinner flask and shaker cell culture routine. Easily define control programs for CO2 levels, temperature and humidity alarm levels, then download your team's data to a USB drive or through the ethernet connection. 

The unique double door design lets you monitor cultures without affecting the environment, and the vivid-color touch screen displays settings of this cell culture incubator from across the lab.


» Advanced Control System for Custom Temperature & CO2 programs, Timers, and Alarms

» Vivid Color Touch Screen That Can Easily Be Viewed from Across the Room

» Double Door Design with Clear Tempered Glass Viewing Door

» Internal Power Outlet with Time-Based Control Options Item

» Extremely Precise Temperature and CO2 Control

» USB and Ethernet Data Ports

» Two-year Warranty

» Made in the U.S.A

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Touch Screen CO2 Incubator Part Number: 155000 | 115V
Part Number: 155000-2 | 230V
Outer Dimensions W 25.75” x D 27.50” x H 27.75”
Chamber Capacity 4.0 cu ft
2 Shelves Included
Materials Painted Steel Exterior
Polished Stainless Steel Interior
Stainless Steel Shelves
Humidity Method Stainless Steel Pan
Heating Method Air Jacketed Resistive Heater Array with Heated Door
Control System Standard and Advanced control of temperature, CO2, and internal outlet.
Time based control of set points with repeat function.
4 Setpoint Ramp
Alarms User Settable High & Low
Temperature / CO / Humidity Alarm
Timers User Settable with/without Alarm
User Interface 4.3'' Color Touch Screen
Temperature Range 25°C - 90°C @ 20°C ambient
Accuracy +/- 0.20°C @ 37°C
Stability +/- 0.10°C @ 37°C
Data Acquisition Screen Graphing
USB Download
Ethernet Communication
Weight 120 lbs

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Electrical
155000 115V
155000-2 230V

*230V units are supplied with continental European plug.

GEN2 CO2 Incubator Video

Boekel Scientific GEN2 CO2 Incubator, 155000, 4 Cuft (115V/230V)

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