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Motive Power Battery Discharge and Charge Cycle Testing with Individual Cell Monitoring Capabilities

The SBS-200CT is a discharge and charge cycler for battery testing and battery rejuvenation. The voltage range of 24–96 Vdc covers many types of traction batteries including: stationary, forklifts, automobile, golf cart, train, wheel chair, etc. When equipped with any industrial charger (compatible with most models, sold separately), the SBS-200CT provides an unmanned discharge and charge cycling solution to help increase battery capacity and prevent scrapping and warrantying those batteries. The unit includes wireless modules to collect and record individual cell readings during discharge/charge and software to generate detailed reports.


  • Telecommunications
  • Utility
  • UPS
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Critical power
  • Data center


  • Automatically run multiple discharge/charge cycles unmanned
  • Increase run time in sulfated batteries
  • Bring capacity back into warranty or scrap batteries
  • Extend battery service life
  • Quickly identify problematic cells with wireless modules
  • Generate custom reports for trending, records and reporting
  • Automatically protects and saves data from an unexpected test stop/end


  • Wide voltage and current range from 24–96 Vdc / 0–200 Amps
  • 5.7 in. LCD touch screen
  • 30 parameter presets with stop/alarm points that can be adjusted during testing
  • 4 adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the discharge process intelligently
  • Wireless modules that measure and record individual cell voltages during testing
  • View test data in real time on screen or with computer via RS232
  • Download data after discharge to USB drive
  • Computer software for capacity evaluation and report generation

Computer Analysis Software

  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Data downloading and analyzing through real-time communication or USB memory devices
  • Software interface includes: battery voltages curve and bar chart, battery resistances bar chart, group voltage curve, current curve, capacities histogram, data form, etc.
  • Generate custom and detailed Excel reports with USB and software

Wireless Modules

  • Wireless modules included for collection of individual cell voltage data during testing
  • Advanced technology that wirelessly communicates readings between modules and load bank
  • Includes 1.2/2V wireless modules; 2/6/12V wireless modules available separately
  • One module supports voltage measurement for 4 cells
  • Easily locate failed cells in battery and estimate actual capacity of each cell

SBS-200CT Includes

  • Main unit
  • Instruction manual
  • Wireless 1.2/2V modules (qty. 10 +1 spare)
  • Computer analysis software
  • DC test (power) cables
  • 3 ft. AC power cable
  • RS232 wire
  • Carrying case with wheels

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Dimensions 11.6 x 19.8 x 40 in.
Weight 121.000000
Power Supply(s) 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Display Type 5.7'' LCD Color Touch Screen
Communications Type USB / RS232
Accuracy & Resolution ±0.5%, 0.1 Amp
DC Volt Range 24–96 Vdc
DC Current Range 24 Vdc: 0–180 Amps
36–96 Vdc: 0–200 Amps
Internal Memory 8MB Flash
Part No. Description
2 V 60A
4 V 120A
6/24 V 180A
36/48 V 200A
72/80/96 V 200A

SBS-200CT - QSG 5 - Calibration Guide

SBS-200CT - QSG 6 - Module Voltage Calibration Guide

SBS-200CT - QSG 2 - Cycle Test

SBS-200CT - QSG 1 - Single Discharge Test

SBS-200CT - QSG 4 - Reset A Module Number To Zero

SBS-200CT - QSG 3 - Numbering A Spare Module


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