Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester

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Checks battery condition in seconds while the battery is in service

The Extech BT100 is a Battery Capacity Tester. Product can be used to test the condition of batteries quickly and easily. As an AC milliohm-meter, the tester measures DC voltage and AC resistance while the battery is in use, helping to save time on repetitive testing trials or large quantities of batteries.

  • On-line testing without shutting down battery
  • Built-in datalogger stores up to 999 tests
  • Simultaneously measures battery resistance and voltage
  • PC software for downloading readings to a PC
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Specifications Range Resolution Basic Accuracy
Resistance 40mΩ, 400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω 10µΩ, 100µΩ, 1mΩ, 10mΩ ±(1% reading ± 10d)
Voltage 4V, 40V 1mV, 10mV ±(0.1% reading ±6d)
Max Input Voltage 50VDC
Manual Datalogging 999 sets
Continuous Datalogging 9600 sets
Power 6 AA batteries
Battery life 7 hours
Dimensions 9.75 x 4 x 1.75'' (250 x 100 x 45 mm)
Weight 17.5oz (500g)

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Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester

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